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Rank Descriptions

SPEAKER: Voted-in leaders of Ballasburn who hold fair council in order to decide the fate of their nation. Similar to Prime Ministers and representatives of their people's greatest concerns. A council of multiple Speakers is preferred, and they council issues to the best of their ability.

WATCHMEN: Secret service and right hands to Speakers, especially present during off-island excursions to ensure safety. May make themselves known, or may prefer a more incognito existence.

COURSER (ADDED BY DORIAN): Contract killers for hire, in a sense, who are deployed by the Speaker or the Watchmen and will report directly to them. Anyone who has run afoul of Ballasburn and skirted their punishment will subsequently receive a bounty on their head to which the Coursers will act accordingly. Not always will the end result be death, as the justice system might require the bounties to be brought back alive to answer for the crimes committed. There are times the bounties will be left open-ended, lending the Coursers the ability to make their own judgment call on how to solve the problem - typically this is to take the quickest and easiest route of ending their lives.

House Representatives (Category): An individual who has been elected by their chosen House to serve as their collective voice and to seek council with the Speakers to present their ideals in a hope of swaying some their way. These individuals are viewed as their House Ambassadors and are ones who have been judged in holding their House’s ideals the most true to heart.

THE HOUSES (CATEGORY): The Houses are established groups based on their ideals of a perfect, sustainable, free Ballasburn. They replace the compartmentalization of different areas of government found in monarchies, and do not rely on rank-by-lineage like monarchies do. Because of their strong variation, Houses tend to butt heads both across the rountable and in other avenues of their lifestyles. Much of their work in each of their unique fields is invaluable to Speakers, and some Speakers may naturally be more biased to catering to certain Houses more than others.

HOUSE SPADES: Known for their depiction of beheading a snake. A political stance of war and glory, people in this movement are well-equipped and act as first and last lines of defense where battle is concerned. Enemy lines hear them long before they arrive, but this does not appear to be an issue for House Spades. Any terrestrial or marine military discipline applies, with General and Admiral at the top respectively.

HOUSE CLUBS: Known for their depiction of pen over sword. A political stance of science, knowledge and infrastructure, people in this movement tend to be scholars, wordsmiths, scientists or of other disciplines important to the growth of Ballasburn. Often relied on by Speakers in making decisions that require an almost foxlike tact.

HOUSE HEARTS: Known for their depiction of turning cheek. A political stance of networking and peace keeping. Very often artfully illustrate the nation's ability to contend with larger, older international forces. Tend to prefer having the say of when deciding whether a treaty can be reached, or whether another nation should be considered an enemy based on their visit.

HOUSE DIAMONDS: Known for their depiction of reality over ideals. A political stance of greater good and acceptable losses. Typically comprised of extracurricular stations such as assassins, spies, double agents and bio terrorists. Because of their discreet nature, they tend to be allowed to work autonomously since there's little chance for their deeds to be traced back to Ballasburn.

OFFICIALS: A monarchy's closest equivalent of royals, except lineage is not factored into Ballasburn Officials. They tend to roles similar to politicians, however, representing the interests of their local Citizens to the Houses and Speakers, and holding themselves as pillars of the community.

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