Corzya Roster
The Helm
Pirate King & Pirate Queen
Quartermasters (4)
The Utility
The Merchandise
Rank Descriptions

CAPTAIN: The closest equivalent of a Viceroy, Captains extend the Pirate King/Queen's reach by acting in their stead overseas. They tend to operate autonomously unless specifically directed to carry out a task.

SLAVER: An economically crucial group of people tasked with sifting through captives and deciding which are good Merchandise. Despite appearances, this is an intricate station who tend to have at least some empirical background as physicians, politicians, and economists. This helps them decide what Merchandise is physically worth keeping or selling, and how and where to market them based on their individual attributes.

HOWLER: Couriers responsible for traveling ahead of time and informing an intended party that their council is demanded, or that they should expect a visit in the near future. May also deliver political statements in the Helm's stead.

OFFICER: Avid swordsmen tasked for policing and reinforcing law from the Helm. Has the authority to detain and interrogate all units below Helm rank. Also captures non Corzyans and brings them before Slavers as potential Merchandise.

GUNNER: Artillery specialists. Tasked with manning cannons, harpoons, bow guns and other long ranged means aboard Corzyan vessels. Any good crew devotes a handsome proportion of its ranks to Gunners.

GREENHORN: Corzyan citizens without a true, distinct task. Servants of exceptional quality may be able to pull themselves up to this rank. All Greenhorns can specialize farther into the Utility tier by way of profession, but must catch a lucky break to rise even beyond that.

SERVANT: Can be either foreign or once-Corzyan people who were conditioned into a servant role by Slavers. Corzya's personal stock of slaves not to be sold. Few rights, but tend to have permanent stay without threat of death, and are cared for in the most basic sense.

PRODUCT: Can be either foreign or once-Corzyan people who are stripped down by Slavers and destined to be sold internationally. Tend to be chosen for good genetics and health. Typically harshly treated and survival is not guaranteed.