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Dorsum reigns here

Across the Dire Strait and into Dorsum's heartland does Adas Highway lead to Marshmoor, the Capital where the King dwells. Surrounded by thick, stony terrain that appears barren and void of life, the massive city and its surrounding territories are far from without their resources. Once said to have fathered a massive channel of freshwater rapids, the territory that Marshmoor has been built is raw and teeming with valuable, exclusive materials for armory, weapons and many other contraptions, making it a very well-guarded and treasured city of the King's empire.

It not only houses very few who are not wealthy as a result, but is home of those who tame fire to weld and mend to their will. The greatest blacksmiths can be found here, said to have forged their greatest pieces from dragons' willing flames.

Given that the city has been built in the crevices of a canyon, it is well guarded by infrastructure and placement; with only the sea at its back and the difficult crevices at its front.

"Marshmoor may look a fright, but do not let our wear fool you. We are as valuable as the ores in our walls and as majestic as the dragons who once ruled here."— Ashton, The Dragonwife.
Sun dried figs and goblet...
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Dorsum reigns here

Distanced well from Marshmoor's low earth that cradles it below, Edelhaus Arx stands massive upon its perch of high land doused in lush, low greenery. Mountains corral its views of east and west, overlooking south at the countless mountains and caverns below its own placement upon the cliff. More than merely the estate belonging to the castle itself, Edelhaus Arx owns its own district in which multiple high-ranking royalty live upon the shared land of stilled temperatures and calm climate.

Nestled around the castle of Edelhaus Arx itself are placements of handsome villas in which the highest men and women of both the King and Viceroy's approval are able to live on the sizeable estate that keeps its own services, resources and entertainment. Edelhaus Arx is where the royalty of Dorsum come to clash and drink and dine one another with gallant events and shows and political duels.

"Can't tell you how good it feels to be out from under Svalbard's thumb. Now I can actually fucking swear during a debate without getting my goddamn throat cut." — Mark At'ain, Marquis of Dorsum.

Dorsum reigns here

Deep within the very center of Marshmoor lies a massive mountain that is said to have been carved and cratered in by a dragon who once roosted with her hatchlings upon its head. Now, after she has gone, early Marshmoor natives perfected the structure of the sturdy mountain and have since used it for their own: Thunderhearth, a place of a great many stories and where a great many legends are made, is a massive armory and stadium in which the greatest weapons and armors within both Svalbard and Dorsum were forged and then tested in battles told of for centuries.

Holding fast onto the lore of the dragon who once roosted here, warriors who succeed the greatest of trials within Thunderheath's bloodstained marble and stone faces are remembered and commemorated as dragons of their own accord. It is here where a great many fill the stands to watch the warriors of such high esteem decide which has lead a life of victory and which has lead one of defeat.

"If you look for Gods, look no further than Thunderhearth. Look here and see, that we Humans are not the weakest of the three." — Jared, The Dragon's Horn.

Dorsum reigns here

Nestled directly into the face of minute mountains peeking from the stilled waters lies a dainty affair of clustered buildings. Intentionally minimalist in their designs, materials and location, foreigners tend to make the mistake of looking upon the cluster of establishments and houses and consider it as one of few squalid places within Marshmoor. On the contrary, however, E'telá Quay is a highly sought district of businesses and homes connected from mountain-to-mountain by bamboo walkways.

E'telá Quay overlooks the many docks that are accessible by those coming in or out from the west coast: it is here that those who import and export shipments do their business. Far safer to travel to Marshmoor by boat than by the long Adas Highway, E'telá Quay is teeming with foreigners and therefore its many taverns and esteemed eateries are often packed.

"There is more to E'telá Quay than docks - it has everything! Clothing, excellent food, music, entertainment... now if only we could do something about all these pesky foreigners..." — Petri, Spoiled Brat.

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Dorsum reigns here

To the west of Marshmoor, the fissures in the earth only grow deeper at every turn until they are guiding hapless travelers either to their deaths...or to the hidden city of Porthcrawl. Canyons become caverns and caverns become underground channels that house their own water systems and coves that lead out to sea.

Beneath the abyss is where Porthcrawl lies, its cold climate and hushed winds an eerie trait for foreigners. Illuminated only by the light of the sun and moon that softly pierce through the crystal stone above the city of meticulous design, Porthcrawl appears as though it is perpetually night illuminated by a heavenly glow from above.

A single channel of rushing freshwater runs between the city to split it in two, leaving a tantalizing divide between the richer and the poorer. The natives of Porthcrawl are said to be meticulous and secluded, sending slicing stares into the faces of foreigners who come from ground level cities.

"If we wanted new friends, we would not have traveled miles beneath the earth to nest." — Zun'he, The Red Duke.
Blue Hour
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Dorsum reigns here

The entirety of Dorsum's northeast is covered in a dense greenery, and is arguably the most important aspects of the nation. Fields bloom and valleys stretch their limbs across the east of the continent, with level earth sprinkled with ponds and babbling brooks elongated into chaotic hills. Khorl is the agriculture center of Dorsum, and is where it makes the vast majority of its revenue. The common land is shared by ranchers, shepherds and farmers alike, and their products are fed into the Capital. Many choose to live here rather than in the less-than-green Capital, enjoying the nearly endless amount of space between their neighbors.

In deep, treacherous jungles that hardly stir, there is said to be tigers of a rare breed that lurk just behind the tendrils of plant life, who once competed as apexes with the Dire who once dwelled here. This is one of the last places that Dire have freely roamed.

"Why were we ousted? For what do the Humans use this place for now but to let their horses strip it bare? .. I am sure it misses us as well." — Hakke, The Halfbred.
Counting Paths
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Disputed territory: Dorsum + Kho'gate

Deep within the southeast, long past where the canopies devour rays of sunlight, a pristine bay feeds into the concave of Dorsum's structure. Minuscule falls trickle down the high walls that surround the secluded and once-sacred place, filling the quiet with an enticingly gentle call of water. The heavy canopies of the deeply-forested jungle ease above the bay's face, allowing a gentle glow of sun and moonlight to pierce the undergrowth and leave the bay illuminated in a heavenly light.

Intertwined with both salt and freshwater due to a geographical reformation that has not yet leveled itself out, while A'took Bay is not drinkable but is a refreshing place to bathe in waters once considered an altar in which to speak to the Gods.

Wishing to avoid Svalbard's vicious atheist crusades, this holy place had long been taken over by the remaining native animals and is used as nothing more than a secluded spa or fishing hole. Lanterns no longer gently light the way and protect it from prowling predators, and the stone walkways are ruined by vines and time. Many have said to witness Caspian tigers roost here, for their competition in the wolves have long gone.

"We took this place from those who deserve it - for what? And now it has no use to any of us at all...A little late for forgiveness." — Arthur, Rancher.
Cloud Skaters
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The unclaim: proceed with caution

In the very heart of the jungle lies a secluded area where long-gone structures have been stripped of glory. Left behind from an era long gone are these ruins; skeletons of buildings that were once magnificent castles in their own right. It is impossible to decipher what they were for or when ease was last found in this place, for its eerie quiet and sense of unease grip all visitors.

Once thriving with Dire, it was the first place that they'd not only been found but nurtured by Man, who went as far as to build them a city of their own. Poreux's mere ruins are still of such heavy, passionate debate: even those who have never been here desperately swear upon its grave. This is where the genocide of Dire first began. They were slaughtered in the night by surprise, for the wolves did not see the glint of Svalbard's blades until it was already within them. As the story often goes.

"The wolves wished to betray their guardians - they wished to leave, so we let them leave. We...merely took back what we gave them, in the same way they took back what they gave us." — Fain, Svalbardian Duchess.
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