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Ballasburn reigns here

Both Queen and Capital of Ballasburn, Damesne has remained one of the most hospitable areas for Eximius to grow, thrive and continue. Historically being the first city the Eximius had ever made on the then-inhospitable island, Damesne has grown extensively over time, now captivating an immense amount of territory on Ballasburn. From its north to south walls, Damesne is roughly 220 miles, easily dominating most cities of Gilead. Even more breathtaking than its size is its ingenious design: businesses and homes alike built tall so that they reach the skies and wear clouds like a skirt, the cobblestone tight, clean, and fitted properly. True to Ballasburn nature, Damesne is spotless and pure, radiating a culture of raw intellect, power and exclusivity.

Historically, the Eximius who were first isolated and placed upon Ballasburn by their Svalbardian creators remained grouped in colonies as they hunted, foraged and searched along the treacherous continent for a suitable place to remain. Having become well adjusted to the vicious, unpredictable and uninhabited Ballasburn before at last finding a suitable region to found their first city, it is therefore known that those of Damesne is mostly comprised of those who survived the most difficult trials of survival on Ballasburn. It is praised as the only city which captures the entirety of the Eximius history, culture and enlightenment both, and it is also home to The Speakers, making it the capital for international politics and business.

"We are the face of Eximius - we are where the highest breed have come to thrive." — Ak'vashal, former Speaker
The Devil's Waltz
Aug 1 2020, 12:24 AM by Mikhael
Ballasburn reigns here

At the very center of the Capital, upon the highest point of land within it, lies the Speakers' shared estate. Given its immense size and (beyond) appropriate number of corridors, libraries and other such facilities, the Speakers are capable of coexisting without glimpse of one another or their personal guards unless said meetings are strictly sought out.

At the highest point, where all hallways and staircases merge, lies The Speaker's Council. It is here that they decide the fate of their politics and discuss the nature of their bonds between Ballasburn and other outside forces. It is here that issues and agendas are revealed long before they reach the ears of the public they represent.

"We are here because the people asked for us. Let their votes always count to something good." — Cal'rad, Former Speaker.
Ballasburn reigns here

The Ballroom remains to be the very representation of Damesne culture. Planted firm in the face of the mountain that most of Damesne is build on and around, Hadién Ballroom is a massive and bold facility that overlooks the entirety of the city. Its events are grand, worldwide affairs, and the happenings that take place within its walls are spoken of for decades to come.

To come here with the assumption that a simple dance awaits you is to risk your life, for the Hadién Ballroom is used in the most unique of ways; it is the place where politics begin, scandals are exposed, and assassins creep through corridors and its higher stories. It is where the most prominent of Houses make their cases and where new ones engrave their name in the minds of the thousands who attend. All is judged here from apparel to preferred type of wine or dance, and reputations lifted during such events can go as far as to save one's life. Kings meet and wars can either be started or finished here, and scandals heinous and salacious are at last revealed.

"People can be conceived here, and people can be killed here. Never boring - in fact, you know where to find me next year." — Matsada, The Sprightly.
Ballasburn reigns here

Thousands flock to The Conserve every year, if not every month. Considered one of the wonders of the world, this dome-covered territory is an incredible facility that can be closely described as a zoo. The Conserve is home to an estimated 19,000 different species, pandemic and endemic both, animal-based, plant-based and even microbe-based. It is Ballasburn's effort, albeit unconventional for its time, to counteract the mass extinctions caused by The Blackening. Protecting endangered or threatened species is simply a must.

While visitors cannot actually enter The Conserve and potentially contaminate or stress the wildlife, there are indoor and outdoor walkways both above-ground and on-ground that allow people to observe through the reinforced glass. A large portion of Damesne's global income comes from foreigners paying through the teeth to visit this marvel.

"It's an excellent place for a first date, to be sure. Can't say I like all the people around...can we put those in The Conserve, too?"— Milly, Snarky Scholar.
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Ballasburn reigns here

While significantly smaller than its sister Damesne, Oxenford makes up for both its exceptional academies and military strength. While the farthest city to Damesne, some hundreds of miles away, it is far easier for foreigners to overlook the dwarfed but powerful city. Its size and construction is harshly misleading, for it shares little with the stunning Damesne. Instead, it resembles a more human kingdom; with cobblestone old, peddlers pacing about. For those who have seen it from the inside, it is said that Oxenford's academies rival even the grace of the castle that sits in the center of the richer district - and while the academies are excellent, the scholars from them are even more so.

Also nestled underneath The Speakers' watch, Oxenford readily lends what scholars, military and economic backing the powerhouse state can afford to lend Damesne whenever necessary, earning it the cordial title of "the unsung conqueror," for it is primarily its military which handles all discrepancies. Despite being held under the same government, the people of Damesne and Oxenford are at an equilibrium of competition. Despite its size, Oxenford is strong and proud; it boasts its mind over matter and is deserving of its praise, for it fashions excellent scholars and powerful Eximius.

"Oxenford has two hands: the scholars on one and the military on the other. .. We get along...sufficiently." — Aemon Fels, The (Lying) Warden.
a soaring height
Jun 15 2020, 5:36 PM by Anchali
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The Unclaim: Proceed with caution

Afiel Ca Sein, "Place of Ailes," embodies Ballasburn's inhospitality and the general isolation of those who live there. Having once been left stranded on the Ballasburn coast by Svalbardian exile, none know Afiel Ca Sein quite like the Eximius who first touched its land.

Afiel Ca Sein is aptly named due to its treacherous geological state and predators, including experiments who have succumbed to the madness coursing through their veins. Described as a thick band of territory around all of Ballasburn, it fleets about an even 45-50 miles inland, making the trial of survival long and grueling for the untrained. Suspended in a perpetual state of thick fog, sparse landscape, venomous flora and fauna as well as large predators, Afiel Ca Sein was a treacherous trek that less than half the Eximius who were first placed here had survived.

While it was once an enemy, it is now considered a guard from foreign invasions - for visitors to avoid being forced to travel here, they must send request to dock into Damesne's safer, heavily monitored waters.

"Never mind the Humans who stranded us here - Afiel Ca Sein is my worse enemy." — Ka'Suval, former Speaker.
Locked in the Wake
Aug 18 2020, 7:27 AM by Fallon
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Disputed Territory: Ballasburn + Giruvaga

The massive western sea that envelops all maritime routes to Ballasburn has been named the Kasiéan Sea by those who coexist with it. One of the most vicious bodies of water in the world, Kasiéan is very rarely clear and calm. Rather, it furthers the isolation effect that bind the majority of Eximius by protecting Ballasburn from foreigners who are not prepared for the perils that lie.

Riddled with sharp stones just below its powerful waves and frothing face, even the greatest of navigators will have grave repairs to attend to upon their ship once they find land. With storms cast overhead, navigators who use the stars will be useless here, for the sky is blocked both day and night. The waves themselves are unpredictable, for they can go from rocking a large ship to growing in a size great enough to capsize it. From there, those left to the mercy of the Kasiéan are ripped underneath either by riptide or Siren.

For the many Eximius who were first transported to Ballasburn by human vessel, a greater amount were lost at sea due to the humans' inability to manage the sea. Even now, of the percent of people who can navigate these waters properly, the largest majority are Eximius of both Ballasburn and Vanderhal. Their skill unmatched and their unique ships properly fashioned, their vessels are the safest to hire for a trip through the Kasiéan.
But only the naive would assume this guarantees safety.

"The day Kasiéan is gentle and mild is the day we should prepare for apocalypse." — Weston Roche, Former Dire Hunter.
For All We Seek
Mar 19 2020, 12:17 AM by Sullivan
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Ballasburn reigns here

Ouroboros is truly one of its kind. The only steam engine to ever exist in Gilead, this Eximius technology runs across Ballasburn tracks with exceptional speed, delivering its passengers across the nation faster than any other mode of non-Magic transportation. The cozy insides of this free-to-ride machine leaves passengers often riding for the sake of the joy of it. Passenger and resource cars are separate but often ride together on a single trip, making Ouroboros an invaluable transport and infrastructure resource.

Plans for expansion of its railway are rumored to be on the table for Ballasburn, but no headway has been currently made. Understandably, any treaties that result in Ouroboros' travel expansion could be a gift...or a very nasty disaster waiting to happen. As a result, Precious Ouroboros is regulated to only Ballasburn-controlled territories where it's safe.

"Easily our best invention. ..well, you know, aside from a sustainable democracy the likes of which our "creators" have never seen. But anyway..." — Quela, House Hearts

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