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Corzya reigns here

Also known as The Pirate King's Sailing Castle, The Vatican is an internationally-known masterpiece of a city...because it moves.
Nestled on a severed piece of landmass and tethered to massive sails and vessels, the Capital moves with a mixture of physical and Magic-based elements. The Vatican sails the seven seas at the Pirate King/Queen's command, and its potential destinations are endless. As a mobile hub for pirate ships, Corzya is able to move towards its prospective spoils without hassling with long travel back to the mainland.

The very pinnacle of extravagant Corzyan culture, The Vatican welcomes all into its posh lifestyle who serve Corzya with their best work. Politicians and Royals who have visited (and managed to leave freely) tend to describe Corzyan politics here to be "incredibly uncanny.." close, but yet not at all conventional. Typical of pirates.

"She's a right beaut, aye? Well, unless yer' the spoils we keep in the dungeons, hah!" — Bracka, Slaver.
let the dogs howl
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Corzya reigns here

Valleta, the Pirate King/Queen's Seat, is nestled in the very center of The Vatican. Its beauty is said to be contributed to the many countless, priceless spoils that were melted down into pure precious metals which were then used to construct the castle. From the golden floors to the reflective silver columns and trimmings, the stained glass made with gemstones and other peculiar artifacts, Valleta is a sight to least for those who haven't found one of their old treasures now on display before them.

While Valleta is considered a palace by international standard, it is actually a helm of sorts. From here, much of the controls necessary to manipulate the direction of The Vatican's sails, movement mechanisms and the convenient means to distantly change the Magical means of its movement can all be done at the very tower-like roof of Valleta. Its high vantage point gives an unobstructed bird's eye view in every direction for ease of good decision-making.

"Prettiest thing about Valleta? The fuckin looks on the faces of poor bastards who recognize an artifact or two in it. Ours now, mate." — Sonego, Gunner.
Corzya reigns here

The Phon Coast is a simple band surrounding The Vatican, an intentionally-slumping bank that acts as a docking point for ships and a safe dismount for smaller personal dinghies and canoes. Marinas dot the coast for ships to come and go, and when The Vatican ceases travel, many citizens take to the water for a refreshing dip while they can. When on the move, the smaller ships are pulled onto the stone docks of the city themselves, and larger vessels are hauled into covered, underground channels and stalls where they are tethered securely to the walls and allowed to drift with the speed of The Vatican without incurring damage.

A prime fishing and short vacation spot, many come down to the coast to best experience the world around them as The Vatican sails through it. Depending on the area and the time of year, the species of animals that can be pulled in from the sea varies sharply anywhere from lobsters to seals to penguins. Because of this, commercial fishing is a fairly lucrative business...that doesn't directly relate to piracy.

"The seawater's good for ya, ya know. Soothin', good for the sinuses too!" — Simon, Junior Sailor.
Corzya reigns here

Whether deployed from The Vatican's docks, rolling in from Gibrantt, or simply personal vessels seeking spoils from the seven seas, Corzya's lifeblood are the vessels that carry them en mass. Be it for nameless riches from sunken ships, plundering other ships or taking hostages to sell off to auction, The Fleet is nevertheless a priceless part of Corzyan life. The heavy sea-faring culture of the continent is embodied in the ships it has given birth to, and a Corzyan without a ship or at least access to one is often considered less than half a life.

No matter where they are or where they're headed, fleet ships are foreboding shapes on the horizon for anyone.

"Not a fan of carryin' more bodies than I need to. The captives have awful manners—nothin' a little controlled shock won't fix, aye." — Buel, The Breaker.
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Corzya reigns here

Also simply referred to as The Mainland, much of the continent of Corzya has been left to the wilderness. All along the coast, however, is the city of Gibrantt, a settlement that rounds the entire continent. Streets are replaced with waterways, which are traversed by gondolas and other smaller personal ships. Given that pirate nation's commerce relies on the ocean and the spoils that can be found across it, living on the coast drastically reduces travel time of resources.

Much of the slaves that are captured from overseas are brought to Gibrantt, where some of the most qualified trainers condition them for their life of servitude. Whether they are kept in Corzya or sold, they will be trained regardless.

"Donnae be fooled, mate. We may be on the ground but we ain't sittin ducks." — Josephine, Captain.
Silly Sea Songs
Jan 25 2021, 5:13 AM by Borius
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The Unclaim: Proceed with caution

Heavy rapids funnel through the risen land on either side, rushing dinghies and sailboats through with startling speed and chaos. A skilled set of hands can navigate well enough to prevent capsizing long enough to hit land; and from there, one is left to the quiet of the perilous Unclaim. Some say that the waters are crueler for sparing a life than it would have been for taking it then and there in the rapids.

Alder Pass is the only way into the maze-like path of the mainland from the sea. The land itself is untamed save for the coastal rim, barren in some patches as though large-but-unseen beasts have stripped the foliage dry long ago. The plains are long and wide and the forests dense, the canopies reducing the sun into droplets of light. It's better to stick to the civilized coastline

"Huh, what's out there? Fuck all if I know! Dead men tell no tales— ask me mates who went out there n' never came back." — Penny, The Shrike.
The Time Is Now
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