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Svalbarð reigns here

Being one of two massive trading ports underneath Svalbarð's state, Durrës handles imports and exports of maritime shipments be they of medicine, food, fruit, cattle or newly bought slaves. Whether national or international business, Durrës handles it quickly and effectively, distributing and feeding back its rewards to both Kheim and the Capital.

Strong hands and hearts dwell here, for it is a place of labor - primarily a series of ports merely attached to a city which exists to feed and house its dedicated workers. Nestled so near to the ocean, Durrës is worn by the salt and sea, sturdy still, its civilians skilled at managing both the sea and their economical state, as they most all have a hand in its fate.

"Aye, you won't find a meadow of posies layin' about Durrës. 'Too busy dealin' with the sea and her sirens to go gardening." — Machein, The Firehearted.
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