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Svalbarð reigns here

Being one of two massive trading ports underneath Svalbard's state, Kheim handles imports and exports of ground transport be they of food, cattle, weapons and equipment to better the lives of Svalbardians. Kheim once funneled all resources to Stadarfell from the agricultural half of the once-diarchy, Dorsum, when still it belonged to Svalbard. After the revolution, Kheim now relies on a mass of other industries to simply replace Dorsum. As a result, many visiotrs and immigrants flock here during the countless trades Kheim relies on to keep quota.

While the merchants hold the most of the city's wealth, the city itself benefits from it surprisingly well; walls and streets periodically redone, and its buildings sturdy against the arid winds of the region. Kheim has very little unfortunate weather - crystal blue and kind, the sun hot and desert region harboring a crisp heat. Despite what sits just outside it, Kheim is lush and beautiful, its gardens vast and fauna surprisingly diverse.

"Kheim may sit in a desert, but her parch is just as refreshing as a shot on the rocks." — Cadin, Merchant Lord.
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