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Svalbard reigns here

With gilded gold floors, yawning hallways and incredible acoustics often filled with opera song, Forséign Castle is internationally known as one of the most beautiful man-made structures in the world. Historically, The Unconquerable Svalbard was said to build upon the castle with each of its victories. This celebratory practice has led to a beautiful complex of governmental buildings huddled around the brilliant castle and its many gardens, sparring grounds and vantage points above the masses of royals congregating beneath the watchful eyes of armed men and women.

Security is heavy, and those without permit are thrust into the ugly unseen underbelly of the Forséign Castle; the dungeons, where it's rumored that they've intentionally been left stripped, primitive, and inhumane.

"They should be thankful. The ones we've crushed; their resources have contributed to something infinitely beyond them."— Baldwin, Magistrate.
Forséign Castle
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Apr 15 2020, 10:02 PM by Hati