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Svalbard reigns here

Nestled in the center of Stadarfell's upper class, the marketplace is a vast network in which passing peddlers with the proper permits come to sell goods from their finely-crafted carts, competing for sales with some of Svalbard's most prominent merchants and their businesses permanent businesses. Separated into many sections consisting of antiques, treasure, apparel markets, produce and meats, Stadarfell's marketplace is visited by a great many travelers and natives alike who wish to get their hands on the highest quality goods.

The scenery is particularly divine; lanterns keep it well lit at night, commotion never ending even when the day is done. Street performers and bards beg the rich to reward them with coin, and many lush parks dot the area for civilians to rest as they watch peddlers make sales and guards on horseback move through the streets.

"People often lead such simple lives. I enjoy coming here to see their novellas play out." — Halin, Philosopher.
The Marketplace
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