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Disputed territory: Dorsum + Kho'gate

Deep within the southeast, long past where the canopies devour rays of sunlight, a pristine bay feeds into the concave of Dorsum's structure. Minuscule falls trickle down the high walls that surround the secluded and once-sacred place, filling the quiet with an enticingly gentle call of water. The heavy canopies of the deeply-forested jungle ease above the bay's face, allowing a gentle glow of sun and moonlight to pierce the undergrowth and leave the bay illuminated in a heavenly light.

Intertwined with both salt and freshwater due to a geographical reformation that has not yet leveled itself out, while A'took Bay is not drinkable but is a refreshing place to bathe in waters once considered an altar in which to speak to the Gods.

Wishing to avoid Svalbard's vicious atheist crusades, this holy place had long been taken over by the remaining native animals and is used as nothing more than a secluded spa or fishing hole. Lanterns no longer gently light the way and protect it from prowling predators, and the stone walkways are ruined by vines and time. Many have said to witness Caspian tigers roost here, for their competition in the wolves have long gone.

"We took this place from those who deserve it - for what? And now it has no use to any of us at all...A little late for forgiveness." — Arthur, Rancher.
A'took Bay
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