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In the very heart of the jungle lies a secluded area where long-gone structures have been stripped of glory. Left behind from an era long gone are these ruins; skeletons of buildings that were once magnificent castles in their own right. It is impossible to decipher what they were for or when ease was last found in this place, for its eerie quiet and sense of unease grip all visitors.

Once thriving with Dire, it was the first place that they'd not only been found but nurtured by Man, who went as far as to build them a city of their own. Poreux's mere ruins are still of such heavy, passionate debate: even those who have never been here desperately swear upon its grave. This is where the genocide of Dire first began. They were slaughtered in the night by surprise, for the wolves did not see the glint of Svalbard's blades until it was already within them. As the story often goes.

"The wolves wished to betray their guardians - they wished to leave, so we let them leave. We...merely took back what we gave them, in the same way they took back what they gave us." — Fain, Svalbardian Duchess.
The Ruins of Poreux
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