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Dorsum reigns here

Distanced well from Marshmoor's low earth that cradles it below, Edelhaus Arx stands massive upon its perch of high land doused in lush, low greenery. Mountains corral its views of east and west, overlooking south at the countless mountains and caverns below its own placement upon the cliff. More than merely the estate belonging to the castle itself, Edelhaus Arx owns its own district in which multiple high-ranking royalty live upon the shared land of stilled temperatures and calm climate.

Nestled around the castle of Edelhaus Arx itself are placements of handsome villas in which the highest men and women of both the King and Viceroy's approval are able to live on the sizeable estate that keeps its own services, resources and entertainment. Edelhaus Arx is where the royalty of Dorsum come to clash and drink and dine one another with gallant events and shows and political duels.

"Can't tell you how good it feels to be out from under Svalbard's thumb. Now I can actually fucking swear during a debate without getting my goddamn throat cut." — Mark At'ain, Marquis of Dorsum.

Edelhaus Arx
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