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Dorsum reigns here

Deep within the very center of Marshmoor lies a massive mountain that is said to have been carved and cratered in by a dragon who once roosted with her hatchlings upon its head. Now, after she has gone, early Marshmoor natives perfected the structure of the sturdy mountain and have since used it for their own: Thunderhearth, a place of a great many stories and where a great many legends are made, is a massive armory and stadium in which the greatest weapons and armors within both Svalbard and Dorsum were forged and then tested in battles told of for centuries.

Holding fast onto the lore of the dragon who once roosted here, warriors who succeed the greatest of trials within Thunderheath's bloodstained marble and stone faces are remembered and commemorated as dragons of their own accord. It is here where a great many fill the stands to watch the warriors of such high esteem decide which has lead a life of victory and which has lead one of defeat.

"If you look for Gods, look no further than Thunderhearth. Look here and see, that we Humans are not the weakest of the three." — Jared, The Dragon's Horn.

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