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Nestled directly into the face of minute mountains peeking from the stilled waters lies a dainty affair of clustered buildings. Intentionally minimalist in their designs, materials and location, foreigners tend to make the mistake of looking upon the cluster of establishments and houses and consider it as one of few squalid places within Marshmoor. On the contrary, however, E'telá Quay is a highly sought district of businesses and homes connected from mountain-to-mountain by bamboo walkways.

E'telá Quay overlooks the many docks that are accessible by those coming in or out from the west coast: it is here that those who import and export shipments do their business. Far safer to travel to Marshmoor by boat than by the long Adas Highway, E'telá Quay is teeming with foreigners and therefore its many taverns and esteemed eateries are often packed.

"There is more to E'telá Quay than docks - it has everything! Clothing, excellent food, music, entertainment... now if only we could do something about all these pesky foreigners..." — Petri, Spoiled Brat.

E'telá Quay
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