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Khogate reigns here

The massive body of freshwater centered slightly north in Khogate is known as the Kok’ari Falls. Being the largest body of freshwater in Khogate, it is a staple landmark for all natives. The pristine drinkable water is constantly circulated by multiple falls which prevent stagnation, and its lengths below teem with a myriad of fish and crustacean. From its body it distributes its resources to the rest of Khogate in narrow channels like veins, which gives it the apt title of "Khogate's Heart." Animals and hunters alike flock here for its paradise, hunting grounds and lovely climate. With a lush field and forest surrounding it, Kok’ari Falls is an ideal place to forage, fish and rest.

It is said that the fish here are of the best size, health and succulence, and therefore many hunters travel a long way to procure from the falls and return home with their catches. As it is nearest to Tal'Tuk, its natives consider Kok’ari Falls as their responsibility to ensure that hunters and foreigners do not disturb or damage the environment by overfishing.

"Good water, good food...what more could you want?" — Kanoshi, The Hunter Queen.
Kok'ari Falls
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