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Khogate reigns here

Separating Ti'Shina Wilds from the rest of the continent are the Amisooku Mountains, a sporadic band of mountains of varying size. Mostly known not only for their endemic ecosystems but their impressive acoustics, it is said with certainty that a howl at the highest peaks can be heard from here to Tal'Tuk. These unique acoustics are used by natives to alert and take entire control of Khogate in case an unexpected invasion by either Humans or Eximius arise.

The common humidity of Khogate diminishes exponentially the higher one scales the mountains. With sturdy footing of stone and minuscule fields along their faces, the majority of the mountains are easily crossed by even the least experienced of natives, though foreigners may easily be disoriented by the constant shifting of the hardened winds. In the winter, the Amisooku Mountains become a lovely white adornment that can be seen from anywhere on the island.

"From here you can see where the Humans dwell; we watch and we wait, for we no more trust them to stay at bay than we trust any other disease." — Kin'shall, The Watchman.
Amisooku Mountains
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