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The Unclaim: Proceed with caution

Within the far eastern coast of Khogate lies the concave known as Manago Cove. With the island walls riddled in caverns, the cove's territory easily travels deeper than one might expect. The caverns that feed into the island from Manago Cove are said to travel deep; winding like channels before meeting up into a wide clearing below the surface. With perils vast and pitfalls many, it is heavily advised for natives to keep not only clear, but be mindful of dangerous wildlife or outcasts who hide just out of sight.

The waters of Manago Cove are brilliant and mild, making it one of the safest places to dock ships when coming in from the wild seas. For natives nearby, it is an excellent place to scour, for many things wind up washed upon its smooth, tame beach. While its allure is far more than tempting, elders make an effort to warn the reckless not to go alone.

"So much to see! So many things come by here, and I wonder what lives their owners led and if they still lead them. So WHAT if it's dangerous? Nothing bad's happened yet!" — Te'ci, The Innocent.
Manago Cove
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