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Khogate reigns here

The massive southeastern region is aptly named after the Dire term "Ti'Shina," which roughly translates as something or someplace that provides a worthy, formidable and satisfying hunt. It has been named so for the sheer size of its forest--very easily the largest on the island and one of the largest in Gil'ead itself. Ti'Shina grows on a gradient, with the bottom half of its region a thick, dark forest full of venomous perils and minuscule prey hiding behind walls of poisonous thorns. The northern half, however, is entirely different, for it is far more welcoming and contains rolling hills, neat forests and stampedes of hoofed prey, wild horses and other creatures that Khogate's natives tame as hunting partners. Ti'Shina Wilds is the staple area for all to hunt if they truly wish to be challenged by healthy, thriving prey.

It is here that many youth are taken to either hone or prove themselves by trial. Though Ti'Shina Wilds is another large landmark aside Kok'ari Wilds, Ti'Shina needs no protection from overhunting, as it is quicker to replenish itself than hunters are to drain it. This impressive ability is what makes it one of the most popular places on Khogate in which to hunt.

"There is no need to mother these wilds like a child, for it will not only care for itself...but if you are not the utmost careful, it will take care of you as well." — Minksa, Master Hunter.
Ti'Shina Wilds
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