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Khogate reigns here

Within the very heart of underground Tal'Tuk lies the shrine that the indigenous Dire work endlessly to protect from outside contamination and the constant threat of magic abuse. Héilta lies in very center of the Wa'Tasi Temple, through all the traps and riddles and mazes that are best traversed by native Dire and none else. Pure, pristine and untouched by outer influences, Héilta Shrine is a place where Magic thrives in excess, the very air thick with life and mystical presence. It is here, in the gardens that rest over the carved relics of the shrine itself, that only Tal'Tuk's appointed Chosen are considered clean enough to enter without causing detriment to its harmony.

The shrine is rumored to have once been an ancient city of those who have lived long before even the humans themselves, for buildings can easily be distinguished from the lush vines and greenery that overflow. True to their nature, Khogate has refused to make changes to this place, going only as far as to place lanterns in the moist soil to light their paths as they move through. The Sovereign is the only one allowed to enter the very heart of Héilta Shrine, and does so to perform rituals that consists of unspoken things.

"What resides deep within the Shrine protects all living things. And we must defend it even if it means we must outright kill those who try to taint it." – Il'Vashane, former Tal'Tuk Apostle.
Héilta Shrine
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