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Khogate reigns here

At the very edge of the mountainous northwest coast lies The Watch, aptly named for its level ground and high altitude. From here many have taken up their calling to carefully watch both the waters and distant Dorsum coasts for any hostile movement. The winds, geological placement and other such forces at work make this place a prime area for Khogate's protectors to apply their honed senses along with nature's provided assistance in order to act as effective patrols.

Here they make their homes, a peaceful village consisting of only strong beings dedicated to keep Humans under careful watch should ships or any such attempts be made towards Khogate soil. With scopes at their disposal to see easily across the waters, the watchers are Khogate's second line of defense in case those watching from Amisooku Mountains fail to notice movement. Those who dwell here as watchers are rumored to be powerful, gifted former warriors and hunters who have met tragedies so great that they are often left grounded away from the battlefield.

"Humans are only trustworthy when you either watch them or you put a spear through their skulls." – Kin'shall, The Watchman.

The Watch
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