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Khogate reigns here

Where the lush, humid forests thin out into relics and treasures are where Tal'Tuk gives away to the Wa'Tasi Temple. Precisely carved with tools that rival even Human design, the temple is hard to discern from the heavy forest itself, making it elusive and its traps are often lethal the moment a misstep is taken.

Contraptions are built within it, from arrow traps to pitfalls and the like. Most Dire are wise enough to avoid this place as surely it is not for them. The Sovereign and their Apostles are currently the only ones who can maneuver it without fail, as though The Wood itself guides their feet to safety.

"Why do we protect the temple this way? If you've ever been inside, you know that it can definitely protect itself." – Te'ci, The Innocent.
Wa'tasi Temple
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