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Ballasburn reigns here

While significantly smaller than its sister Damesne, Oxenford makes up for both its exceptional academies and military strength. While the farthest city to Damesne, some hundreds of miles away, it is far easier for foreigners to overlook the dwarfed but powerful city. Its size and construction is harshly misleading, for it shares little with the stunning Damesne. Instead, it resembles a more human kingdom; with cobblestone old, peddlers pacing about. For those who have seen it from the inside, it is said that Oxenford's academies rival even the grace of the castle that sits in the center of the richer district - and while the academies are excellent, the scholars from them are even more so.

Also nestled underneath The Speakers' watch, Oxenford readily lends what scholars, military and economic backing the powerhouse state can afford to lend Damesne whenever necessary, earning it the cordial title of "the unsung conqueror," for it is primarily its military which handles all discrepancies. Despite being held under the same government, the people of Damesne and Oxenford are at an equilibrium of competition. Despite its size, Oxenford is strong and proud; it boasts its mind over matter and is deserving of its praise, for it fashions excellent scholars and powerful Eximius.

"Oxenford has two hands: the scholars on one and the military on the other. .. We get along...sufficiently." — Aemon Fels, The (Lying) Warden.
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