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Afiel Ca Sein, "Place of Ailes," embodies Ballasburn's inhospitality and the general isolation of those who live there. Having once been left stranded on the Ballasburn coast by Svalbardian exile, none know Afiel Ca Sein quite like the Eximius who first touched its land.

Afiel Ca Sein is aptly named due to its treacherous geological state and predators, including experiments who have succumbed to the madness coursing through their veins. Described as a thick band of territory around all of Ballasburn, it fleets about an even 45-50 miles inland, making the trial of survival long and grueling for the untrained. Suspended in a perpetual state of thick fog, sparse landscape, venomous flora and fauna as well as large predators, Afiel Ca Sein was a treacherous trek that less than half the Eximius who were first placed here had survived.

While it was once an enemy, it is now considered a guard from foreign invasions - for visitors to avoid being forced to travel here, they must send request to dock into Damesne's safer, heavily monitored waters.

"Never mind the Humans who stranded us here - Afiel Ca Sein is my worse enemy." — Ka'Suval, former Speaker.
Afiel Ca Sein
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