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Disputed Territory: Ballasburn + Giruvaga

The massive western sea that envelops all maritime routes to Ballasburn has been named the Kasiéan Sea by those who coexist with it. One of the most vicious bodies of water in the world, Kasiéan is very rarely clear and calm. Rather, it furthers the isolation effect that bind the majority of Eximius by protecting Ballasburn from foreigners who are not prepared for the perils that lie.

Riddled with sharp stones just below its powerful waves and frothing face, even the greatest of navigators will have grave repairs to attend to upon their ship once they find land. With storms cast overhead, navigators who use the stars will be useless here, for the sky is blocked both day and night. The waves themselves are unpredictable, for they can go from rocking a large ship to growing in a size great enough to capsize it. From there, those left to the mercy of the Kasiéan are ripped underneath either by riptide or Siren.

For the many Eximius who were first transported to Ballasburn by human vessel, a greater amount were lost at sea due to the humans' inability to manage the sea. Even now, of the percent of people who can navigate these waters properly, the largest majority are Eximius of both Ballasburn and Vanderhal. Their skill unmatched and their unique ships properly fashioned, their vessels are the safest to hire for a trip through the Kasiéan.
But only the naive would assume this guarantees safety.

"The day Kasiéan is gentle and mild is the day we should prepare for apocalypse." — Weston Roche, Former Dire Hunter.
Kasiéan Sea
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