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Ballasburn reigns here

At the very center of the Capital, upon the highest point of land within it, lies the Speakers' shared estate. Given its immense size and (beyond) appropriate number of corridors, libraries and other such facilities, the Speakers are capable of coexisting without glimpse of one another or their personal guards unless said meetings are strictly sought out.

At the highest point, where all hallways and staircases merge, lies The Speaker's Council. It is here that they decide the fate of their politics and discuss the nature of their bonds between Ballasburn and other outside forces. It is here that issues and agendas are revealed long before they reach the ears of the public they represent.

"We are here because the people asked for us. Let their votes always count to something good." — Cal'rad, Former Speaker.
The Speaker's Council
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The light that lingers he...
May 29 2020, 2:03 AM by Mikhael