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Ballasburn reigns here

The Ballroom remains to be the very representation of Damesne culture. Planted firm in the face of the mountain that most of Damesne is build on and around, Hadién Ballroom is a massive and bold facility that overlooks the entirety of the city. Its events are grand, worldwide affairs, and the happenings that take place within its walls are spoken of for decades to come.

To come here with the assumption that a simple dance awaits you is to risk your life, for the Hadién Ballroom is used in the most unique of ways; it is the place where politics begin, scandals are exposed, and assassins creep through corridors and its higher stories. It is where the most prominent of Houses make their cases and where new ones engrave their name in the minds of the thousands who attend. All is judged here from apparel to preferred type of wine or dance, and reputations lifted during such events can go as far as to save one's life. Kings meet and wars can either be started or finished here, and scandals heinous and salacious are at last revealed.

"People can be conceived here, and people can be killed here. Never boring - in fact, you know where to find me next year." — Matsada, The Sprightly.
Hadién Ballroom
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The Devil's Waltz
Aug 1 2020, 12:24 AM by Mikhael