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Translating roughly to "Choppy Water," U-na-jux lives by its age-old reputation with its consistent coastal hostility. Aside from its heavy waves and lack of tranquility, this region of sea is home to a great many perilous predators that intentionally hunt footsteps beneath the inclines of ice that act as a sturdy bank much in the way sand might do for a beach. They tend to drive beneath the ice and, when the moment makes itself known, strike up through the ice and take their prey down into the frigid unforgiving cold.

This region is very rich in marine mammals, fish, and seabirds, and both foxes and large polar bears frequent the solid earth around the sea so that they might hunt. This diversity of animals offers a plethora of valuable resources for those skilled enough to take them for themselves. A great many legends and recent sightings to credit such stories speak of not only a great sea dragon which resides here but a moccasin or two who migrate between here and elsewhere, luring in the unsuspecting and devouring them like tiny snacks.

"The waters are troubling for a native as myself: for foreigners? Impossible." — Calio, The Onlooker.
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