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Ballasburn reigns here

Thousands flock to The Conserve every year, if not every month. Considered one of the wonders of the world, this dome-covered territory is an incredible facility that can be closely described as a zoo. The Conserve is home to an estimated 19,000 different species, pandemic and endemic both, animal-based, plant-based and even microbe-based. It is Ballasburn's effort, albeit unconventional for its time, to counteract the mass extinctions caused by The Blackening. Protecting endangered or threatened species is simply a must.

While visitors cannot actually enter The Conserve and potentially contaminate or stress the wildlife, there are indoor and outdoor walkways both above-ground and on-ground that allow people to observe through the reinforced glass. A large portion of Damesne's global income comes from foreigners paying through the teeth to visit this marvel.

"It's an excellent place for a first date, to be sure. Can't say I like all the people around...can we put those in The Conserve, too?"— Milly, Snarky Scholar.
The Conserve
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