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The Unclaim: Proceed with caution

The vast majority of all land split between the Vanderhal Islands is known singularly as Midnur, the untamed middle ground of the isles. A blanket term used to describe The Unclaim of these areas, Midnur knows no true geographical placement, but yet all locals know exactly where it begins and where safety ends. A place of severe trial, Midnur is a misleadingly beautiful expanse of thick forests, sloping valleys and fields that burn gold when the sun sets upon it. What makes it dangerous is that it is the perfect climate for a multitude of deadly creatures and wanderers crazed enough that they've been pushed out.

Midnur is very often crossed with nary a word. Anything can be dangerous, everything can be deceiving. Strangers are best let ignored no matter how much they cry for help, bodies of water and even food should be passed on. The quicker you leave Midnur without pause, the better.

"Keep your head down, Boy. Even the hares aren't hares here." — Grestel, The Proud
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The tragedy is not to die...
Jun 30 2020, 11:14 PM by Sullivan