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Giruvaga reigns here

Fautsairi is incredibly humble in the way of infrastructure, but looks can be deceiving. A fool would consider the settlement's worth to be measurable by the sizes of the homes and the way it is run. Fautsairi is the name of both the modest villages and their surrounding coastal and woodland areas. For every person in the established settlements there are an estimated 10 who live outside of them on their own. The only true line blurred between them is the amount of sentries deposited throughout the area; patrols and guard rounds are wider in circumference throughout Fautsairi during the day, and concentrated specifically around the villages by night.

Unlike Halha, Fautsairi settlements are far more in-tune with nature and the baser nature of Giruvagan lifestyle. The people here tend to be far more gristly in nature, and are less tasked with the global politics that the Capital contends with. Intruders may assume them to be far more susceptible to siege but...that would be a mistake.

"Fautsairi is home to small settlements not because it is all we are capable of, but because it is all we need." — Prada, The Notorious "Ripper"
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