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Snelandia reigns here

A beautiful traditional work of art, Hisheng is surrounded by Sakurai trees that are seemingly always in bloom. This is where the Emperor/Empress dwell with their most trusted guards and samurai. Similar to its Eastern counterpart, the Western Palace is also not as easy to penetrate as it appears to be.

The estate is surrounded by countless bells in the trees around it, tethered to near-invisible spider silk threads. Even intruders with the softest feet will eventually misstep, and the warriors within the palace are famed for waking from a dead sleep the moment the bells chime. In order to traverse safely, one must be led through the well-lit paths that are always guarded.

"The key to any good protector is first learning the difference between a bell rustled by the wind or animal, and a bell rustled by a criminal." — Ganda, The Hawk.
Hisheng Palace
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