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Snelandia reigns here

The beauty of Ettero is in the way it can be easily missed by the passing eye. Blended almost entirely with the nature around it, the temple has been curated with as few disturbances as possible; candles and torches, the rooms carved into the stone it's made from, the waterfalls above it allowed to pour through the aqueducts so as not to disrupt the delivery of water to the salmon waters below.

Many come to train their minds here alongside the monks and the peacekeepers, often coming to live in silence for months at a time until they emerge enlightened and new. It is an immersive experience where Magic is banned and technology is scarce. The homeless, the orphaned and the unfortunate are typically taken in without second thought...even if they're on the run.

"We have no power to change you. The change is from within. All we do, is teach discipline. From it, you can be your own master." — Hashteru, Senior Monk.
Ettero Temple
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