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Snelandia reigns here

Otherwise known as the Kapoa District, this area is heavily devoted to agriculture; namely rice, duck and chicken farming. Much of it is traded to the East to feed their immense culinary culture, and in exchange they typically receive resources with which to expand the dynasty farther into the lush rainforests around it. Honest but hard work, the workers of Kapoa Tau often find solace in the sheer beauty of the humid surroundings from the cloud-capped mountains to the rushing waterfalls.

Many travel through here on their way deeper into the wilds. Workers do their best to dissuade them, but often words of warning to not sate the curiosity of adventurous souls.

"I once was a duck farmer, but then I grew to love my ducks. I then became a koi keeper, but could not bear to rid of them. Finally, I found peace in the tiny grain of much less guilt." — Tomada, The Wise.
Kapoa Tau
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