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Translating roughly to "Two Points", Malġuk Tanaak has long become an unmistakable landmark because it can be viewed from any point across the frozen expanse. Central to the continent and incredible in size at its every direction, this natural monument acts as a compass for those who are traveling. The directions between the curl of the landmark are directly north one way and south the next, and from its right and left are east and west respectively.

Isolated in a long and desolate terrain of virgin snow dunes, Malġuk Tanaak stands unmistakably above every rise and fall of the smooth wind-torn land. Accurate down the to the very coordinates, Malġuk Tanaak has led a great many iconic voyages and pioneers who looked upon it with hope that they are never entirely lost. As it is the continent's version of the north star, it is a very popular meeting point where many strangers meet other passing ships.

"You do not need divine providence, a miracle, when you have Malġuk Tanaak to answer your prayers." — Yukiu, The Longrunner.
Malġuk Tanaak
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