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Ballasburn reigns here

Ouroboros is truly one of its kind. The only steam engine to ever exist in Gilead, this Eximius technology runs across Ballasburn tracks with exceptional speed, delivering its passengers across the nation faster than any other mode of non-Magic transportation. The cozy insides of this free-to-ride machine leaves passengers often riding for the sake of the joy of it. Passenger and resource cars are separate but often ride together on a single trip, making Ouroboros an invaluable transport and infrastructure resource.

Plans for expansion of its railway are rumored to be on the table for Ballasburn, but no headway has been currently made. Understandably, any treaties that result in Ouroboros' travel expansion could be a gift...or a very nasty disaster waiting to happen. As a result, Precious Ouroboros is regulated to only Ballasburn-controlled territories where it's safe.

"Easily our best invention. ..well, you know, aside from a sustainable democracy the likes of which our "creators" have never seen. But anyway..." — Quela, House Hearts

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