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Corzya reigns here

Valleta, the Pirate King/Queen's Seat, is nestled in the very center of The Vatican. Its beauty is said to be contributed to the many countless, priceless spoils that were melted down into pure precious metals which were then used to construct the castle. From the golden floors to the reflective silver columns and trimmings, the stained glass made with gemstones and other peculiar artifacts, Valleta is a sight to least for those who haven't found one of their old treasures now on display before them.

While Valleta is considered a palace by international standard, it is actually a helm of sorts. From here, much of the controls necessary to manipulate the direction of The Vatican's sails, movement mechanisms and the convenient means to distantly change the Magical means of its movement can all be done at the very tower-like roof of Valleta. Its high vantage point gives an unobstructed bird's eye view in every direction for ease of good decision-making.

"Prettiest thing about Valleta? The fuckin looks on the faces of poor bastards who recognize an artifact or two in it. Ours now, mate." — Sonego, Gunner.
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let the dogs howl
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