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The Phon Coast is a simple band surrounding The Vatican, an intentionally-slumping bank that acts as a docking point for ships and a safe dismount for smaller personal dinghies and canoes. Marinas dot the coast for ships to come and go, and when The Vatican ceases travel, many citizens take to the water for a refreshing dip while they can. When on the move, the smaller ships are pulled onto the stone docks of the city themselves, and larger vessels are hauled into covered, underground channels and stalls where they are tethered securely to the walls and allowed to drift with the speed of The Vatican without incurring damage.

A prime fishing and short vacation spot, many come down to the coast to best experience the world around them as The Vatican sails through it. Depending on the area and the time of year, the species of animals that can be pulled in from the sea varies sharply anywhere from lobsters to seals to penguins. Because of this, commercial fishing is a fairly lucrative business...that doesn't directly relate to piracy.

"The seawater's good for ya, ya know. Soothin', good for the sinuses too!" — Simon, Junior Sailor.
Phon Coast
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