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Giruvaga reigns here

Similar to Midnur, Gritnur is a general name throughout all the Vanderhal Islands. It is typically characterized as narrow passages between massive stones and shattered mountains that create seemingly-impassable walls on whatever island it is found on. By traveling through the narrow passages, one is able to cross through safely but there is typically barely enough space to ride a mount side-to-side with another.

Gritnur is integral to Giruvaga's foothold on the isles. It is a highly strategic element that the proud nation has exploited many times, historically leading enemy forces who foolishly charged with 10,000 men into the face of Gritnur, thereby reducing their full force into nary a useless trickle of dazed and confused units. For this reason, Gritnur is a safe zone when used properly. At times, the only thing separating one from safety and the cruel jaws of a Chimera charging in from Gritnur.

"Lost my bloody-fucking-leg to a beast 10 years ago. How?? 'was the only part of me that didn't quite make it into Gritnur." — Burnns, Exotics Hunter
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