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Giruvaga reigns here

The Crossing surrounds around Halha in a consistent band of territory. It acts as a buffer between the heartland and the treacherous Midnur. While The Crossing is a heavily policed property to ensure Halha is secure, a fool would consider it safe. Narrow walkways at the summits of waterfalls give way to chasms of whitewater rapids below, leaving little space between travelers and the sentries on duty who are prepared to force threats into the waters below. Deeper down the paths away from Halha slowly descends into the deep forests laying in wait on ground level where the air thickens. Large predators thrive in the canopy-heavy wildwoods, feasting on abundant prey and the occasional distracted hunter.

Mild but certainly dangerous if one lets it, The Crossing is where many safely go to hunt. Many who prefer a more solitary manner of living also set up shop here where they can focus on themselves while help is still not too far away. Because The Crossing is far more mild compared to Midnur, many shipwrecked intruders attempt to crawl their way as far into this band of territory as possible, staying just out of sight.
For only a moment.

"Not the biggest fan of stepping in Pegasus shit everywhere I turn when I visit Halha; but even I can't deny that the feasts are worth at least SOME shit under my shoes." — Christihne, Crossing Inhabitant.
The Crossing
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