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The vast expanse of wilderness located just north of the Hinterlands. This region is host to the majority of terrestrial prey, including musk-ox, caribou and other smaller rodents, which can commonly be found roaming the surrounding areas. Arguably one of the most difficult places of the north to survive in, the Yuukon is large enough that it deviates from a taiga environment to a bare arctic the farther one travels to its north. Prey becomes scarcer upon the shift of environment, signs of life few and far between and those who travel in these unforgiving lands are met with lack of resources and unending snowstorms: a massive contrast to the forested portion of the Yuukon.

It is here in these perpetually-roaring storms and whistling winds that a variation of Snelandia's native tongue has been formed and adopted to combat the inability to hear one another; a language of hand signing, all so that the natives who make their homes in the Yuukon are still able to communicate. Despite its lack of predictability and unforgiving nature, the Yuukon is home to a striking amount of natives who manage in a place so far from trading routes and shops, eateries or other such modern things. Considered the more primal of Snelandia, the indigenous Yuukon people track their food for miles instead of merely ordering it at a tavern, and they treat wounds quickly rather than with leisure lest they grow cold and die.

"There are two options in the Yuukon: you either succeed, or you die. We do not have the leisure to be poor or unfortunate." — Taniqu, Mahneign Dynasty.
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