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Giruvaga reigns here

Giruvagan reputation harshly deceives the development and beauty of Halha. Full of massive homesteads, gilded halls and sacred feasts, Halha is the pinnacle of Giruvagan culture. The safest settlement by far by way of placement and reinforced security, the areas surrounding it are heavily policed and very few come through without watchful eyes searching for behaviors familiar to true Giruvagan people. It is raised upon mountains and is surrounded by waterfalls and treacherous falls, which prevent most attacks unless aerial... and an aerial assault against the Pegasus riders of Giruvaga would be immensely foolish, of course. Halha is historically home to the Khans, although not all Khans necessarily must live here.

Most of Giruvaga's exported politics are decided and carried out here in the Capital, naturally. The population is immense and while few non-Giruvagans are openly welcomed here (without trouble), to partake in their world renowned feasts is an unforgettable time. If only for one night. "The Outsiders complain that I monitor the halls of the inns as they sleep. So I tell them, be glad you still have the ears to hear me." — Lastos, Sentry.

Capital: Halha
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trappin out the mansion
Apr 17 2020, 5:56 PM by Severin