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Svalbarð reigns here

Svalbard's Capital is easily the largest, most economically stable and secure city within the nation, if not the world itself. While the military is distributed throughout its kindred states, Stadarfell holds the highest quality of units to ensure that the capital, its people, and its leader is untouched by the grisly world beyond.

Simply magnificent, Stadarfell needs not a particular eye to look upon it in order to appreciate it, for it is readily stunning to both new and old acquaintances. With skies clear and sun bright, wide stone walls standing strong against time while its insides cater to both the rich and poor, Stadarfell holds grace in age. Stadarfell is in itself a fortress, with only two stone bridges at the north and south wall, leaving there only two ways in and out of the powerful capital. These walls are laden with military coursing through its halls, and with artillery trained to the ground. There is no chance for it to be conquered from the outside.

An estimated 50,000 foreigners are said to come to those great walls every year, begging for entry. By their discretion, knights reportedly turn away more than two-thirds.

"Stadarfell is an ark boxed in with four great walls. ..only a fool would let diseased animals into the fold of it." — Baldwin, The Queen's Court.
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Svalbard reigns here

With gilded gold floors, yawning hallways and incredible acoustics often filled with opera song, Forséign Castle is internationally known as one of the most beautiful man-made structures in the world. Historically, The Unconquerable Svalbard was said to build upon the castle with each of its victories. This celebratory practice has led to a beautiful complex of governmental buildings huddled around the brilliant castle and its many gardens, sparring grounds and vantage points above the masses of royals congregating beneath the watchful eyes of armed men and women.

Security is heavy, and those without permit are thrust into the ugly unseen underbelly of the Forséign Castle; the dungeons, where it's rumored that they've intentionally been left stripped, primitive, and inhumane.

"They should be thankful. The ones we've crushed; their resources have contributed to something infinitely beyond them."— Baldwin, Magistrate.
Svalbard reigns here

Nestled in the center of Stadarfell's upper class, the marketplace is a vast network in which passing peddlers with the proper permits come to sell goods from their finely-crafted carts, competing for sales with some of Svalbard's most prominent merchants and their businesses permanent businesses. Separated into many sections consisting of antiques, treasure, apparel markets, produce and meats, Stadarfell's marketplace is visited by a great many travelers and natives alike who wish to get their hands on the highest quality goods.

The scenery is particularly divine; lanterns keep it well lit at night, commotion never ending even when the day is done. Street performers and bards beg the rich to reward them with coin, and many lush parks dot the area for civilians to rest as they watch peddlers make sales and guards on horseback move through the streets.

"People often lead such simple lives. I enjoy coming here to see their novellas play out." — Halin, Philosopher.
Svalbard reigns here

An integral element to Svalbard's entire success, the academy is a cluster of research and educational facilities dotted along the bluffs of the eastern side of Stadarfell where the mountains greet the sea. Svalbard's legacy for Magic started and continues here, where Magisters dabble in the treacherous science of Magic while students learn the ins and outs of casting, writing spell books, and proper decorum as representatives of Svalbard's higher education. "The gift knows no age," they say, and for that reason the academies do not bar students based on it. The issue of money, however...

"Strict. They call ME strict--but I'll have you know, there hasn't been a student-related explosion in the past 30 years. You're welcome."— Lucci, Grandmaster.
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The unclaim: proceed with caution

Once a sturdy, covered structure that slithered down south across the Dire Strait and straight into Dorsum, the highway has since been left in ruins after the One War They Lost--a war that subsequently led to Dorsum's successful revolution from Svalbard's grip. The war on the highway has shattered the infrastructure, and Svalbard has abandoned control over the vital vein. As a result, vagrants and Rogues largely travel the highway now, and the once heavily monitored path is treacherous.

"The Highway is both a gift and curse--it depends on how you use it. If you're a witless traveler it's nothing but a curse, and therefore, nothing but a gift to people like me." — Konan, The Serpent.
The Children Are Crying
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Svalbarð reigns here

Being one of two massive trading ports underneath Svalbarð's state, Durrës handles imports and exports of maritime shipments be they of medicine, food, fruit, cattle or newly bought slaves. Whether national or international business, Durrës handles it quickly and effectively, distributing and feeding back its rewards to both Kheim and the Capital.

Strong hands and hearts dwell here, for it is a place of labor - primarily a series of ports merely attached to a city which exists to feed and house its dedicated workers. Nestled so near to the ocean, Durrës is worn by the salt and sea, sturdy still, its civilians skilled at managing both the sea and their economical state, as they most all have a hand in its fate.

"Aye, you won't find a meadow of posies layin' about Durrës. 'Too busy dealin' with the sea and her sirens to go gardening." — Machein, The Firehearted.
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Svalbarð reigns here

Being one of two massive trading ports underneath Svalbard's state, Kheim handles imports and exports of ground transport be they of food, cattle, weapons and equipment to better the lives of Svalbardians. Kheim once funneled all resources to Stadarfell from the agricultural half of the once-diarchy, Dorsum, when still it belonged to Svalbard. After the revolution, Kheim now relies on a mass of other industries to simply replace Dorsum. As a result, many visiotrs and immigrants flock here during the countless trades Kheim relies on to keep quota.

While the merchants hold the most of the city's wealth, the city itself benefits from it surprisingly well; walls and streets periodically redone, and its buildings sturdy against the arid winds of the region. Kheim has very little unfortunate weather - crystal blue and kind, the sun hot and desert region harboring a crisp heat. Despite what sits just outside it, Kheim is lush and beautiful, its gardens vast and fauna surprisingly diverse.

"Kheim may sit in a desert, but her parch is just as refreshing as a shot on the rocks." — Cadin, Merchant Lord.
Sep 1 2020, 1:26 PM by Asa
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The unclaim: proceed with caution

To the very far west of Svalbarð is a place of lush greenery, deep forests, narrow freshwater lakes, waterfalls and tall snow-capped mountains. The Hinterlands are named so for both their beauty and uncharted land, and very few are able to navigate cleanly through the walls of vines, deep woods and dark caves. Braver souls intend on thrusting themselves into the uncharted land for search of arcane treasure that has said to have been left here by Dire long since gone.

While it is easy to grow attached to such a place that provides ample shelter, meat, fruit and wild luxury, it may also take lives as easily as it lures them in. Despite that, however, skilled survivalists (and notorious criminals) have managed to make their homes here, away from Svalbard's rule and knights highly unwilling to tread here for those who escaped their hunt.

Other than the perils well known, it is rumored among Svalbarð natives that there is a native guardian of the Hinterlands who hunts intruders the very moment they step into its unknown. Many are banished here as a result to feed this cruel thing. While it's never been seen, the people sent as tribute never return.

"If you seek refuge from Svalbarð in the Hinterlands, so be it. Its judgement will save us from dulling our blades." — Sanjin, Magistrate.
Oct 31 2020, 4:08 AM by Branwen
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