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The Unclaim: Proceed with caution

Heavy rapids funnel through the risen land on either side, rushing dinghies and sailboats through with startling speed and chaos. A skilled set of hands can navigate well enough to prevent capsizing long enough to hit land; and from there, one is left to the quiet of the perilous Unclaim. Some say that the waters are crueler for sparing a life than it would have been for taking it then and there in the rapids.

Alder Pass is the only way into the maze-like path of the mainland from the sea. The land itself is untamed save for the coastal rim, barren in some patches as though large-but-unseen beasts have stripped the foliage dry long ago. The plains are long and wide and the forests dense, the canopies reducing the sun into droplets of light. It's better to stick to the civilized coastline

"Huh, what's out there? Fuck all if I know! Dead men tell no tales— ask me mates who went out there n' never came back." — Penny, The Shrike.
Alder Pass
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