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Naturally similar to the tumultuous sea below, the skies above can equally be just as venomous, unpredictable, and deadly. Gilead's stratosphere is riddled with twisting cones of clouds just waiting to pierce the atmosphere, and a maelstrom of lightning sparking about as moisture collides with a crash. At times the horrible weather here may never touch the world below, and at other times the only thing separating a peaceful flight from the monsoons below is a floor of pitch dark clouds.

Most comfortable in the sky, Giruvagans claim the stratosphere with little to no competition. Skilled riders and skilled mounts make for an impenetrable pair, but just as with the sea one can always lose their life the moment they become too comfortable. Despite its turmoil, a throng of high-flying fauna species can be found in this network of clouds, but hunting here requires an agile mind and an agile mount. Hunting aside, Giruvagans perfect a myriad of skills here, and at times prefer the sky for fast travel.

"Freezin my ass off in the clouds is worth the look on their faces when hundreds of us descend right on their damn doorstep." — Bettler, Nod
The Skies
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