Giruvaga Roster
Khan (2)
Warlords (8)
Rank Descriptions

Warlords: Typically comprised of internationally-notorious individuals whether their reputation is comprised of past deeds or current deeds as a Warlord. Tasked with leading able Nod into battle, siege, or procurement of goods and resources. Tend to move autonomously without orders from Khans unless specifically designated. They expand the presence of Giruvaga with their autonomous ventures.

Nod: The rough equivalent of "citizen," except that Giruvagans are all trained as warriors to retain efficiency and ensure survival at every turn. All non rank-holding Vikings, typically the stereotyped image of Giruvagans. Defenders, guards, hunters, healers, sentries; Giruvagans are trained by their rough lifestyles to do it all.

Brood: The chronically ill or untrained young. Young will move into Nod upon completion of their of-age trials, and the ill will be moved back into Nod, if possible, when they are healthy.

Banished: Giruvagans who have violated one or more strict codes of the culture. Pushed out into the wilds, intentionally away from the security in numbers, they are kept in a prison of their own thoughts by day and the threat of the wilds by night. For this reason, it is forbidden to be seen even speaking to one.

Hostage: Non-Giruvagans who have been taken during a skirmish, supply mission or so forth. Their fate severely varies in Giruvaga.