Kho'gate Roster
The Chosen
Sovereign (1)
Apostles (4)
The Lifeblood
Rank Descriptions

SOVEREIGN: Closely related to an alpha of a pack, Sovereigns are chosen by and respected in very similar ways, but they are believed to be chosen by the Old Gods to find their paths converge into leadership. They are tasked with managing the packs beneath them, their movement across Khogate and ensuring proper maintenance of Yggdrasil and the Magic-rich woods around it. They are curators of the mutualistic lifestyle between the holy land and its people.

APOSTLES: Apostles are chosen to follow closely to the teachings and ways of the Sovereign, protecting them and extending their rule for long distances to other packs beneath the banner to keep them all abreast of what's happening in the Capital of Khogate itself.

WATCHER: Watchers tend to take to the high grounds of Khogate, stationing themselves in often-permanent posts until other areas need their eyes. Because of its geographical isolation, Watchers tend to move to the mountains or bluffs in groups, living there together and keeping an eye on the coastline and horizon for any intruding vessels or other foreign intruders long before they reach land. They utilize a cascade bonfire signaling method across other Watcher groups so that the message of danger eventually gets back to the Sovereign.

SAGE: Most closely related to as healers, physicians, witches, and apothecary owners. There is no age requirement among Sages, although the younger ones may spend much of their professions training beneath or working alongside the far more experienced of this rank.

WEAVER: Most closely related to hunters, warriors, messengers and prosecutors who capture foreigners or AWOL members and bring them before The Chosen. Individuals tend to specialize based on their personal skillsets. A general utility rank that requires more work than the general survival requirements that the Kin face.

KIN: All non-specific rank holding. Most closely related to general pack members without an inherent job or task to complete.

ACCURSED: Most closely related to an "Omega" rank that is extended to both foreign prisoners, and members who have chosen to make decisions that put them on the same level as such.