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Eirik is a Eximius that identifies as Male. Eirik was born on Nov 09 and is 20 years of age.

  • Height: 5'9''
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Black
( 325 Mana )

black, blue & silver
A young, fair eximius hunter. Blue-eyed. Dark-haired. Once wreathed in fur, linen, metal and wool. Likes to be adorned in metal jewelry that hangs from his neck, often all at once; sweet-faced in rest; oft-intense once awake. Tattoos scatter his right arm, mostly, in patterns like claw marks. Scrawled in between are numbers, words or symbols whose meanings are lost to memory. Both his ears are halved and rounded to look like a human's.

Eximius traits: Tapetum lucidium; an impressively slow heartbeat; once-long ears; swift recovery; speed; the common exaggerated strength


quiet strength, the raging wave
Loyal | Active | Rash | Affectionate | Stubborn | Moody
Once completely nonverbal as a first-gen eximius, Eirik has since learned to speak — even read — but, he has never quite learned how to integrate. He tends to shun society and even when thrust into it, he seeks the far corners, the shadows or the smallest of crowds. He is wild and intense with a resilient spirit. Though, contrary to popular perception, Eirik is actually quite sensitive, prone to emotional distress; malleable, even vulnerable, with a deep well of loyalty to be tapped into. Very seldom is he deceitful or anything but genuine. He wears his emotions on his sleeve.

Trivia: ambidextrous; can sing; gay af; fussy; uneducated, but clever

Claims his forgotten prophecy from Alois.

Free boi era

Early Spring, 1744
Wakes on A'Took Bay without memory. Meets Everett.
Mid Spring to Early Summer, 1744
Makes his way across Dorsum looking for safe harbor.

Gradually travels north to Svalbard.
Early Summer to Mid Autumn, 1744
Has a brief fling with a (married) minor noble of Svalbard. Is eventually found out by a furious family, who chase him off and put out an arrest warrant for him, alleging 'theft' and 'physical assault'.

Late Autumn, 1744
Eirik flees to the Hinterlands, arriving just in time for winter.
Early Winter 1744 to Late Winter, 1745
Eirik metes out a living in the Hinterlands for more than a year.

Meets Falks.

Meets Dorin.

Early Spring, 1746
Fearing he'll be lost to the Hinterlands for ever, Eirik leaves to seek a home. Still wary of Svalbard, and tired of the cold, he finds a way to Gibrantt.

Enslaved era

Early Spring, 1746
Captured by North.
Early Spring to Mid Summer, 1746
Has a good time with North :^)

Meets Baal.

Mid Summer, 1746
Runs off in Stadarfell. Meets Vivica and Najwa.
Mid Summer to Mid Autumn, 1746
Sad boi purgatory

Late Autumn, 1746
Meets Khalil and receives Schooner.
Early Winter 1746 to Early Spring 1477
Settles in for the winter with North in his Gibrantt home.

Mana returns, having been left on the mainland.

Fights and captures a basilisk with North.

Meets Sizani.
Early Spring 1477
Meets Borius.
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