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Avery is a Human that identifies as Male. Avery was born on October 12th, 1451 and is 25 years of age.

  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 152lbs
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Brown
( 290 Mana )

The Oblivious Lamb

"Our houses are haunted, dark and deserted; They're made of my secrets and shame."

The Looks

Small, unassuming, and innocent would better fit the description of the servant boy especially with the softness of his green eyes. They look almost baleful and pleading, an eager spark within them to find appreciation and praise from others, though sometimes might gain a distant, far-off look depending on the situation he is in. It's a bit off-putting the ease with which he can sink into a careless personality, seeming to not fully grasp the gravity of what he might be in. Still he smiles and converses in polite tones that might even come across as playful. Should he smile wider you might catch a glimpse of pointed teeth, canines longer than his lateral incisors and yet both still fairly telling that Avery is not entirely human. He had been once, to be sure, and the olive tones of his skin hide the pale pallor those of his kin tended to have. It adds just enough color to his cheeks, and the bruises around his eyes can be mistaken for shadows from a more prominent brow to the untrained eye. A lack of sleep, perhaps, but in reality it is the lack of overall blood flow. His heart beats slow, and unless one is actively listening or feeling for it they might not catch it at all, but it adds a small sense of warmth that is passable as something living.

His eyebrows are thick, much like the dark curls upon his head, and it's often he might be looking through them towards whoever might be talking. Even with withdrawn shoulders and his head lowered out of habit Avery holds a sense of confidence in his subservience that is undeniable. It's what he's come to know most, both with the vampires who had turned him and with his employer now in Dorsum, and he only looks meek should it be asked or expected of him. Since his transfer to Sammael and Lamashtu's company he's gotten a bit more free-spirited again in a sense. The way he carries himself now reflects that, though it does not tend to take much to get him to revert back into what had been conditioned in the past. His muscles are slight and related to his lifestyle, though otherwise are not quite as prominent as they might be for others who actively seek out more exercise.

For being undead and otherwise a cursed being, Avery can clean up quite nicely and the vast majority would be none the wiser.

Child-Like | Intelligent | Subservient
Playful | Eager To Please | Feisty


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