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Hulya 'Sis' Lautna is a Dire that identifies as Female. Sis Lautna was born on 1444 and is 32 years of age.

  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 197
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Dark brown
( 70 Mana )

I'm done sayin' things nice

Long used to heaving on ropes and climbing masts, Sis is well muscled, with a soft coating of chub to smooth the hard lines her life's work has given her. Broad shoulders and hips make for a statuesque figure writ large, and while some might not find her weight attractive, she cares little for their opinions. Life is for enjoying, and she spent too much time hungry to go easy on the food while she has it.

Her skin is a soft brown, and she has the occasional freckle from hours in the sun with no respite. Overall, though, her skin is clear, if tough from the salt and sea spray that is endemic to the sailing lifestyle. The only blemish on her skin is a massive shark bite scar on one thigh, and she is exceedingly proud of it, often wearing clothing cut specifically to highlight the grisly, poorly healed mess.

She has a wide, genuine looking smile that she often uses to charm newcomers into thinking she's nice. That impression never lasts, but she enjoys it while it does. A heart shaped face and happy earth brown eyes often sell her as benevolent and only the hard glint when her ire is raised do any work at dissuading that notion.

Her soft, curly brown hair is her pride and joy, a pain in the ass, and a convenient hiding place for knives if she needs them. She keeps it pulled back into a massive, intricate braid that swings past her hips, half as broad. She often weaves pearls into the mass, one of her few nods to any notion of making herself look prettier. Her clothing isn't nearly as fancy. A simple white dress that makes no attempt to cover her shoulders and barely keeps her chest covered, it's simple white cotton, slit up one thigh. No decoration to it, no beading or embroidery. A pair of simple brown leather boots completes it, and she rarely wears more than that unless the weather calls for it. She makes all the statement she needs, as far as she sees it.

Now you better back up off a' me

All of her form's bulk makes for an intimidating wolf, the raw strength of her four legged form one that she flexes but rarely. The occasional romp under the dark of night and the seriousness of life and death are the only times she brings it out, and it's a rare person indeed that see her on four legs. It's generally reserved for those she trusts and it's not unusual to see her sleeping on Mini or on the bunk of a crewmate she's chosen to test.

The soft brown tones that define her cover both forms, and her fur is a sandy brown, mixed with brown and black flecks. She has a darker brown ruff and a soft beige belly, and her face is splattered with patches of black, similar to the visage of raccoons, if not in the same patterns. Her eyes are that same liquid brown, almost black.

The shark bite is the only scar that sticks, high on her back haunch. It divides her coat in a ragged, striped mess, the shape of the jaws lost between the obfuscating fur and the shape shifting.



'Cause you're on super thin ice

A loud, raucous sort, Sis enjoys a good time above all else. Her crew and her own enjoyment is all that truly matters to her, any and all soft spots are easily overridden by her own self preservation and the preservation of her crew. Of course, this is often compromised by her absorbing any of the people she cares about into her crew at the time. She has a habit of picking up strays at local ports and teaching them the ways of the sea. Her own crew is almost all comprised of handpicked men and hand raised strays. She is one of the younger Quartermasters, but she's more than earned her place, and she is diplomatic as pirates go. It gives her an edge that isn't made of brute force and the steel of swords, and it's as much a tool as any other in her belt.

The Corzyan monarch has her loyalty, to a point. She will follow as long as it makes sense for her to do so; she'll make her own way, if it becomes a fact that she'd be better off on her own, but never would she put a knife in their back. They gave her life a purpose, put food in her belly and kept her free. For that, she'd burn the world and more. She despises those that flash their fangs when backs are turned, and she can be rather lethal to any stupid enough to voice dissent where she can hear it. She holds no rancor with the call of freedom, but to betray? Unacceptable and unforgivable.

Her drive and loyalty makes her hardworking, more than any natural desire to work hard, and she plays even harder, enjoying the company of women when on land and food and drink enough for her crew to share with abandon. She has a number of casual flings up and down every coast, but rarely does she commit to anyone who doesn't follow her code. This is no secret, and she doesn't tolerate people that think her heart should be for one person alone. Her true love is freedom, and anyone who interferes with that is lucky if all she does is leave them high and dry.

Provoked, Sis looks little different than at her happiest. The grin will still be there, she'll still have a high curve to the apple of her cheeks that lends her a jolly air, she won't be on a rampage, or in your face. But there will be a wolf's snarl caught in her teeth, and with wolves, it's the clearest threat you'll get.

For those she feels no allegiance to, she tends to be rather vicious and remorseless. It's every man for himself, and if you haven't got the guts to find a spot or stand up yourself, you deserve what you get. It's not unknown for her to toss challengers a knife and invite them to try her. Everyone has a chance to prove themselves to her, and she can be rather equal about it. Any prisoner, slave or peon is given their shot, and any that can slit her belly to chin can have her spot.

No one's managed it yet.


And when it breaks, things are gonna get ugly

1444 ―Born to a converted Dire couple from Khogate, Hulya was the sign of new life to her parents, a second chance to recover. As soon as she was old enough to travel, they moved out to reclaim the world.

1447― The Lautna family settled in the outskirts and wilds of Durres for a stopover and made a temporary home there before they took to the waves. Once her and her siblings were old enough to handle themselves, the whole family would be striking out for distant shores.

1454―Their bid to leave came too late, and the whole family barring Hulya were slaughtered by the outcry of the Mad King and his abominations. She fled the carnage, losing them in the heavy smoke and salty sea of Durres, long enough to get hired as a deck scrubber and mast climber aboard a ship.

1461―Discovered as a Dire late in the year, she was tossed overboard in attempt to be rid of her. This is how she was mauled by the shark, and where her determination not to die came out in full force. Instead, she killed the hungry thing and ate it, using its raw, salty flesh to sustain her until she could reach shore, thankfully not far.

1462― She caught up with the captain who thought it such a good plan to leave her for fish food. It took him hours before she was done with him, and by the end of it, she had an open warrant for her arrest and bloody hands to show for it. She took his ship, rounded up a crew of those who'd be willing to work for her, and took off into the open ocean.

1464―At some nebulous point, she fell in with Coryzans, and the rest is history. She worked hard to put food in her belly and find a spot, and in the end, was rewarded with a place to call home.

1474― She was promoted to the rank of Quartermaster, and she took to it with delight, eager to carve out more space for herself and the little gang of adherents she'd gathered close to herself.

1473― Sis caught a stowaway on board, with bloody but ultimately fruitless consequences.

1474― Shortly before her promotion to Quartermaster, Sis caught up to the rogue eximius that'd bloodied her nose and the nose of her crew, both figuratively and literally. Revenge is swift, and swiftly forgotten. Sis only holds a grudge if you deny her the chance to work through it, after all.

1476― A chance meeting on the return trip from her six month stint babysitting a potential hire gives North and Sis a pleasant reunion.

1476― Her stop in Gibrantt shows a side of a coworker she didn't expect to see, with unfortunate results.

1476― Sis was caught flat footed by Churchill's abrupt usurpation, having been out to sea when the tide of Alastor's reckoning swept the former king from his throne. How this will go, they'll both soon find out.

September 1476― Ill at ease with Alastor's reign and the treachery he'd shown to the previous kind, Sis found herself stirring up trouble in Durres with a mirror image of herself, inverted.

September 1476― Sis' overland stays are usually incomplete without a trip into the forests of her youth. Encounters are rare, but always welcome. [OPEN]

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