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Western Emperor of Snelandia

Niran Decha Mongkut Aromdee is a Dire that identifies as Male. Decha was born on 12/18/1443 and is 33 years of age.

  • Height: 5'10" | D: 6'11"
  • Weight: 165lbs | D: 485lbs
  • Eye Color: Gold
  • Hair Color: Ashy Chestnut
( 245 Mana )

An Emperor of Glass

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Human Form

Gold yellow eyes peer out from golden bronzed skin and strong but rounded features: a wide face, flat nose and prominent chin. Framed by long ashy brown curls that reach his shoulders that is often adorned by a thick braid to either side of his face if worn down to be kept out of his face or up in a top knot secured by the pins and hair sticks of nobility. Covered in furs and robes of black, gold, silver and yellow.

Dire Form

A large bulking figure, endowed with thick fur. The base of his fur coat is a light grey but is blanketed in a light chestnut across his back, rump and shoulders, but it is the patterns on his pelt are the most striking. The curved black borders around his eyes like fallen crescent moons under them and twisted around just above, the darker russet rosettes on his neck, back, shoulders and upper torso and the black tiger stripes that continue from the middle of his torso to this rump, entangling with the light grey and the brown. His tail is a darker russet, big and fluffy, and often entangled in imperial scarves of patterned gold, darker still at the end in black. Black also are his legs, and the fluffy exterior of his chest. Atop of his head is two smaller ears, curved and pointed towards the center.

Chet the Mammoth Bear

Patient | Observant | Practical | Superstitious | Calculating | Self-Aware | Stoic | Unyielding

The Glass Emperor is deftly practiced in the cultural beliefs and practices of his people and court, and the things that constitute different types of fortunes. He plays at them, like a game, for he must but fosters a skepticism that isn't quite seen all but for those in his closest circles. He keeps the amount of specific possessions in numbers that are lucky, and performs the greetings that are not just polite but ward off evil and impart blessings. Occasionally he is frustrated by the opinions, or limitations of these when he sees faster, swifter more logic based ends. A moral creature in the codes that he keeps for himself, he is wary but accommodating of the morality of others. For Decha, there is has almost nothing and nowhere he won’t go to see the results; to protect the earth and his people. So, whilst pretending to have clean hands, he exercises clever resourcefulness to have his hand in various matters all at one time (whether for intervening or butchering) while remaining unknown and unseen. An 'impartial' Emperor, hidden away in the cold elusive arctic of the north.

His eyes can either be ice or fire, and still they appear almost entirely unchanged. He is not a man of many words, especially when it comes to languages that require lips and tongue. But he is interested in talk when it comes from others, just to hear how they might regard themselves or others in the world, and thus how noble or useful they could be. In court, this presents as an ever diplomatic stoic creature that seeks to watch, listen and understand. However, in truth these are just amusements- the start of interest. For if anyone is to be believed he must see it in their deeds and their habits; for actions speak louder than words. He is patient, in that he is good at keeping himself from moving or speaking too soon, even as the anger rises in him. Calculated also, in that even as hungry as he may grow in his hunts, he will not wait to move or leap until the moment is just right. You would not see his wrath, as the second you see the claws and fangs of the ravenous beast it is already too late. Judgement is dealt out swiftly, especially for pirates, and often with his own two hands. For you see he is not unlike the frozen tundra of Snelandia, harsh and final in one hand, giving and sufficient for the intelligent survivors with the other. He will not flinch or hesitate, whether it is welcoming dire to impart their concerns onto him at his court, or snapping a neck between his handsome jaw. He is uncertain, and unreadable. In Decha, there is the man and the Emperor, and while a man may doubt himself there is no room for question in the Emperor in his judgement. For he represents the prosperity and strong will of the dynasty, and he will not allow it to be shaken.

Decha is a man that has lost himself within, feeling in the skin of a stranger.

He preoccupies himself greatly with the idea that he must prove who he is. He must prove that he is not the evil or wretched thing that they accuse him off; Coryzan, a bastard. Like Samson who caved to Delilah each night that she begged him for his weakness, he craves the close intimate sweetness and cloying validation and security that a healthy family might have provided. That not having the nation’s fate at his hands might have allowed. Instead there is distrust and fear, and perhaps even with familiars, Decha views almost everyone somewhat as a stranger. Foreign, suspicious and with an agenda all of their own.

Taught to be a survivor, a warrior, a strategist, and a ruler. Neglected of comforts, especially when performing undesirably at tasks, and always had tasks at hand to perform. As such his calligraphy is impeccable, and other languages are nearly as comfortable as his mother tongue or the hand sign language when words are all but choked out in the winds. Even being the son of the Emperor did not save a Snee from hard work, the constant reminder of death and foolhardy expectations.

As a child he was raised in the values of the Snee. He was shown the hardship of his people. Introduced to people both rich and poor and made to look into their eyes, and see their own intensity stare back at him.

As a teenager, he was taught about the Dynasty’s wild jungles and the harsh frozen Iceland outside, and experienced the cold bite of the latter in steps at first, before when he came of age, all at once. Learning how to scale up its harsh sleek slopes with rope and ice picks.

At 18 he made his rite of passage journey, the ascension to the Yukon tribe and there met two of his future vassals Kavvik and Silaluk.

One thing that he learnt by himself, and clung to so insistently, was it mattered how others saw you. Not just in appearance, but reputation and prejudices. Often it is what one would ever know. He learned he was seen often, a child of a glasshouse within the literal glasshouse of the Aromdee Dynasty.

And this is the story of why.

The siblings were friendly and just all adorable until the age of 8-12 when she started getting left behind as the younger sibling and as the girl. When resentment kicked in and fostered in the cold lonely places of her isolation, it was fanned under the careful and equally resentful and ambitious eye of her mother. Decha hadn’t really seen this or paid note, he was constantly occupied, and it was easy to leave her behind as an afterthought.

His sister revealed that history and truth of Decha’s illegitimacy as a bastard son of the Emperor, not from their Imperial mother’s womb when talks of succession/a heir was coming up. When in jealousy she had found out from her mother that she should and would take the throne. When the two plotted to have it revealed ‘accidentally’, the Emperor only confirmed his decision of his chosen heir and the desire doubtless for his son to rule in his stead.

It remains an open secret in the court that his bastard mother was from Corzya, making the wound even more sore. It lives in hushed whispers, at the edges or corners of the palace. Something that by its nature is regarded as a simple rumor. It is too wild to be thought as true, too dangerous to be repeated elsewhere or with any credit.

After the dishonoring, Decha's behavior began to grow a little reckless. It was a simple way to get his mind and whole person away from court, and charge his aggression at more acceptable recipients. Preoccupying himself by waging small sabotage efforts against the pirates and stealing back their stolen cargo or better yet preventing their people from getting abducted in the first place by patrolling the shores. An honored effort by anyone else, even a prince if he were a retainer; but not the one next in line for the throne. But he was proving his loyalty and allegiance, wasn't he? Even as he got bloodied. His people would remember that later.

And for the current Emperor; it was hard to say whether it was either his love for his son or line, his own sense of logic or his pride and stubbornness that caused him to do what he did next. He exiled his wife for insolence and the shame she brought him, later replacing her companionship with a concubine. His sister was forgiven but was kept under careful watch and at a distance. Forgiven because surely she hadn’t known better, it was her mother that soured her.

Decha ascended when the Emperor died from a slow acting poison at court. He kept his little sister closer still at court, for he knew she would be dangerous out of his sights. As perhaps he could say with his father's other officials. He disbanded many of the then current nobles that he was uncertain of, instead crafting positions of honor for lauded rescuers and resourceful knowledgeable teachers of agriculture or secrets taken from afar.


- Is bastard borne, of a heritage consisting of a West Snelandian royal and a Corzya pirate. The latter remains an unconfirmed rumor that is not known by commoners, but there may be other speculations of the mother.

- Has a tense relationship with his sister. There is a begrudging alliance for the betterment of the Aromdee Dynasty, but make no mistake they are rivals for the same throne.

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